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"LetsThink Spring"

"Lets think spring" and it may come. If you are like us it's time to hear the lawn mowers running and start seeing the kids at the park.  Maybe you can see yourself in the pool having one of your favorite cold beverages. Having said the word pool, if you have a pool heater is it going to be ready for the season?  Just because your pool heater starts at the beginning of the season doesn't mean its running a 100%.  Your pool heater is a great spot for critters to make a nice home over the winter. Most pool heaters have many burners in it and that means many spots for spiders and such to make a home. 

These pictures are a before and after a pool heater service. Most pool heaters have more than 5 burners.  Heaters will run on only one or two burners this makes the heater take twice as long to heat the pool water. So you will use double the energy to heat the water costing you more money to heat your pool. So just because your heater is running doesn't mean its working on all burners. If you haven't had your heater looked at in a few years mabe now its time.